Due to Covid-19, some shows have postponed, rescheduled or cancelled.

Each Show promoter has their own specific Refund Policy which must be followed.  To learn about possible refund options for any given show, please click on the particular EVENT on the main page.  You will be directed to that specific show’s policies for potential refunds.  NOTE:  Brookshire Grocery Arena does not have the ability to override a promoter’s policies for refunds.

Normal Business Hours


B1Bank Box Office Hours



Please come to the exterior windows of the box office,

located at the top of the stairs at the main entrance.

Please Note:  The arena will not be open  for public access; no restrooms are available.

For safety reasons, patrons in line are asked to remain 6 feet apart.

Face Masks are encouraged.

For information on possible refunds, please refer to the SPECIFIC EVENT listed on this website.

Special Business Hours

The Event Box Office is located upstairs on the plaza on the West side of the arena.

On an event day during the week (Mon – Fri), the upstairs box office will be open at 5:00pm to approximately 1 hour after the event starts.

On an event day that is on a Saturday or Sunday, the upstairs box office will be open at 1:00pm until approximately 1 hour after the start of the event.

Ticket On Sales: Times vary. Lottery participants may arrive no earlier than 8:30am.

Patrons may pick up tickets, purchased in advance, during normal business hours at the Main Downstairs Box Office. Tickets purchased in advance may also be picked up at the designated Will Call windows at the Event Box Office the day of the event. Proper identification and the credit card used to purchase the tickets will be required to receive tickets.

Media Will Call will be handled from the Event Box Office during event business hours. Arrangements should be made prior to the event with the Brookshire Grocery Arena Marketing Department. Proper identification will be required to receive credentials.

Methods of Payment: Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover only. No checks.

Secondary Ticket Market

Ticketmaster is the only authorized ticketing agent of Brookshire Grocery Arena. If you purchase tickets from an unauthorized agent in the secondary market (Scalper, Ticket Broker, eBay, social media sites, etc) you risk purchasing counterfeit or invalid tickets.

Scalping is illegal on Brookshire Grocery Arena property, including but not limited to, inside the arena, the plaza, parking lots, etc. Brookshire Grocery Arena will not admit anyone with a valid, authenticated event ticket.

Event On-Sale Lottery Procedures

The purpose of a lottery system is to ensure that all customers have the same chance of being the first in line thus eliminating the need to be at the arena overnight. This policy helps ensure customer safety and provides for effective crowd management.

To purchase tickets, please read the following instructions:

If twelve or more guests are at the Brookshire Grocery Arena Box Office waiting to purchase tickets at the time of the initial box office on-sale, a lottery will be held to form the line.

By removing the incentive for guests to arrive early, the lottery saves guests time and significantly decreases the chance for scalpers to be the first in line. Scalpers have historically paid people to arrive hours before a sale in order to ensure a space at the front of the line.

Thirty minutes before tickets go on sale, each person, over the age of sixteen, in line will be assigned a number. That number will also be put into a box. A Brookshire Grocery Arena Team Member will then randomly draw a number from the box.

The person holding that number becomes the first person in line. The remaining guests will fall in line behind according to their number. For example, if number 5 is drawn, the person assigned number 5 becomes the first in line, followed by the persons assigned 6, 7, 8, and so forth. This continues until the highest number originally handed out is reached. After that, the person assigned number 1 will join the line, followed by the remaining people in the order of the numbers they are holding with the person having number 4 becoming the last in line.

Anyone who arrives after the lottery numbers are handed out would join the line behind the last person holding a lottery number.

A random number does NOT guarantee you a ticket, only a place in line.

Your random number will only be honored at the Brookshire Grocery Arena Box Office.

Random numbers are non-transferable.

Anyone who receives a random number has a chance to be first in line! You will not be able to camp out. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not abide by the policies listed above.

Please do not arrive at the venue any earlier than the time specified for distribution of the random numbers. There is no advantage in early arrival, as your place in line will be determined by the lottery process.

Thank You For Your Cooperation And Enjoy The Show!